Working at Kaiser Electronics, Hollmann performed the random vibration dynamic analysis and stress analysis on the fighter head up display unites for the F-14, F-18, F-111 and others to assure that the units would pass qual tests. All units passed qual tests without a problem.

While working for FMC Corporation in San Jose, CA, Hollmann conceived, proposed and won a contract from
David Taylor Navel Test and Research Center to design and build the world’s first composite armored personal carrier. The vehicle was simulated after an M113 but made out of fiberglass and ceramic tiles. The vehicle was designed and built in one year and tested successfully by the Marines. Another one was built and finally a B-2 Bradley was built in identical fashion. Hollmann was the technical manager and hired this team as shown on the left.

Working for NASA, Hollmann performed a random vibration analysis on a test fixture to assure the structure would not fail from 3 sigma stress loads. The finite element analysis model results of the test unit are shown below.