Complete Stallion kit being shipped to New Zealand. Here all the parts are assembled prior to loading in a 20 foot container.
Yes, a complete Stallion will fit into a 20 foot container as shown here. Total shipping costs are $2,700 from CA to New Zealand. It takes 22 days from San Francisco to Auckland.
Tom Nalevanko lives in Camarillo, CA and the Stallion is his first aircraft project. Here, Dan Gray, the test pilot stands beside the Stallion. Dan also test flew Dierenfeld’s Stallion and taught Rick McWilliams how to fly helicopters.

Dr. Jose”Pepi” Borrero’s Stallion below is also powered by a 750 shp Walter gas turbine engine. Pepi loves his Stallion.

Dr. Dennis Dierenfeld’s Stallion is powered by a 750 shp Walter gas turbine engine. Climb rate is 4,500 fpm and Dennis loves the way it handles. The picture  below is taken over Santa Paula, CA. Dennis lives in Santa Barbara, CA.