In March, 2008 taxi tests and short take offs were made with the all fiberglass and graphite Gweduck seaplane which was designed originally by Ben Ellison and a team of others. However, Martin Hollmann designed all of the composite structure and attachments 14 years ago. He also performed the stress analysis and performed the material […]

Airshows and Forums by Martin Hollmann Martin gave 3  forums at the Golden West Regional Fly-In & Airshow on Saturday, June 11, 2011. The first talk, at 10 AM, was about How to Build Composite Aircraft. Then Repair of Composite Aircraft and then on Designing Jet Aircraft  It was a marathon day for Hollmann. 4 […]

New Ground Vibration Test Equipment ADI has purchased a 50 lb shaker, power amplifier and sign generator to perform ground vibration testing to substantiate finite element analysis results. An oscilloscope is used to measure the input and output frequency. The upper wave is the input and the lower the output showing 6.57 Hz for first […]

Air Car AIR CAR FLIES. In 1993, Clarence Kissell contacted me to design a flying car which he called the Pegusas Air Car. On October of that year the drawing and calculations were finished and Clarence and his partner, Dr. Vernon Porter, started building. See a live interview by clicking here or see below. Many […]

The Sportster, a Whirly Bird Comes Home to Roost By Martin Hollmann On February 18, 2010, Willie Turner from the HILLER AVIATION MUSEUM came to Monterey to pick up the SPORTSTER to display at the Museum. This was a historic moment for me to see my baby go to its new home. But what must […]

Sportster at Hiller Museum The Sportster gyroplane has been donated to the Hiller Aviation Musuem located in San Carlos, CA. Willie’s mother Gail (the pink baroness had flown in the Sportster in 1978). It was difficult to get the gyro on the trailer, but I told Willie that “where there is will there is a […]

Zenair Zenair CH601 and CH650 Aircraft Designs, Inc. (ADI) has been contracted by Zenair to evaluate the structural integrity of their CH601 and CH650 wing design. ADI also signed a non disclosure agreement to not dissimulate information about its findings. However ADI reserves the right to not endorse Zenair promotional material. Such material is and […]

Jerrie Barnett and Allan Tatarian My good friend and fellow gyroplane pilot, ALLAN TATARIAN, passed away. Allan test flew the world’s first ultralight gyroplane, my Bumble Bee, at Hollister Airport, CA in 1983. Allan also flight demonstrated in the Bumble Bee at Oshkosh in 1984. He died of cancer.  Allan was always a joy to […]

STEVE FOSSETT, missing since early September, 2007 Dave Sayler from Air Crafters LLS in Watsonville, CA called me  to ask if I would design the fuel tanks for Steve Fossett’s new adventure, a record setting Bo 105 helicopter which I had worked on in Germany. His new project made me realize I was working for […]

Vertical Challenge Helicopter Air Show Saturday, June 16, Hiller Aviation Museum at San Carlos Airport held their 7th VCH AIR SHOW. Two gyros were present, the Sportster shown on the right with me and Rita and a Sparrow Hawk that had been flown in from Livermore. It was one of the best shows I have […]