The pictures below show the left and right side doors and different views of the Super Stallion. Rita Costa-Hollmann stands in front of the Stallion at Monterey, CA.

 Above an engine is being loaded into the Stallion.
The right hand side panel can be removed and installed in one minute.

 Rita and Martin Hollmann at AOPA Palm Springs, CA. This is one of the most fun events for pilots and wives. A large aviation show and forums are hosted in addition to parties and a great time. The Stallion was flown this event three times and was included in the street parade from the airport to the convention site.

 Another great aviation event to which the Stallion was flown often, is EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The Stallion is shown with a circle around it at the aircraft display site. The runway at Wittman airfield is shown in the background. Martin and Liliana from Columbia are shown on their way to Oshkosh in the Stallion. Liliana is instrument rated and much of the flight to and from Oshkosh was made IFR. The Stallion has an S-Tech autopilot and a KL90 GPS which are a must for such an aircraft. Flight time to Oshkosh from California is 9 hours and can be easily made in one day without stopping.