Stallion kits are no longer available

The Super Stallion comes in four kits. The kits include: All premolded, composite parts which are made out of graphite/honeycomb and fiberglass/honeycomb materials. Welded steel fuselage frame. Motor mount. Windshield. Machined parts. Hydraulic system. Landing gears. Not included are the engine, propeller, instruments, avionics, and upholstery. Minimum tools are needed for assembly.

To place your Stallion order please read the purchase agreement and sign it.  Make appropriate kit order selections.  Options can be purchased any time but there is a lead time on some items.  Return this form with a 50% deposit.  Upon receipt of your order Aircraft Designs, Inc. will immediately send a return receipt and list the earliest scheduled delivery date or confirm your requested delivery date.

All kits include well detailed assembly instructions and templates with recommended finishing methods.

Kit A.  Horizontal Tail – No longer available

Includes:Êtop and bottom fiberglass/honeycomb skins for stabilizers, graphite/epoxy skins for elevator, welded torque tubes, elevator fittings, fiberglass/honeycomb flat stock for ribs, lead ballast, hardware, adhesive, fiberglass fabric and resin.

Kit B.  Fuselage – No longer available

Includes:  fuselage skins, fiberglass/honeycomb (6 parts), doors, rudder skins, rudder control horn, engine cowl, windshields, welded steel frame, engine mount, main gear leg assys, nose gear leg, nose gear down link, wheels and tires, rudder fittings, front, middle, rear seats, fiberglass/honeycomb flat stock, fiberglass fabric and resin, foam core, adhesive.

Kit C.  Wing – No longer available

Includes:  spars, skins, flap skins, aileron skins, tips, tip lenses, fiberglass/honeycomb flat stock sheet metal, fittings, hardware, control horn, tubing, bell cranks, gas caps, strainers, fiberglass fabric and resin, adhesive.

Kit D.  Control, Power Pack, and Fuel System – No longer available

Includes:  brake kit, rudder cables, control stick, hardware, push-pull tubes, fittings, turn buckles, rack for main gear retraction, main gear cylinders, nose gear cylinder, power pack, accumulator, gear and flap quad assy, hand pump, hydraulic tubing and fittings, drain valves, check valve.

Total of kits A, B, C, and D. – No longer available

Continental engines, propellers, avionics, and all accessories are available at discounted prices for all Stallion builders.  Contact Aircraft Designs, Inc. for prices.

Payment:  Deposit reserves your kit delivery date.  At approximately 30 days prior to kit shipment you will receive a final invoice totaling kit balance, options, extras and crating costs.  Payment is due 10 days before kit shipping date.  Method of payment accepted is certified check, check, money order.