GyroPitch Outputs

Using the GyroPitch Computer Program the stability of any gyroplane (tractor or pusher) can be determined. Below are the results for the Bensen Gyrocopter and the Sportster. If the horizontal velocity curve increases with time then the gyro is unstable. If it stays the same with time then the gyro is neutrally stable and if it decreases with time it is stable. Vy is the vertical velocity and Vx the horizontal.

The Bensen above has a small rock shield which is not sufficient to make this gyro stable as shown above and to the right.

The Sportster below is neutrally stable so that if pitch oscillations occur the pilot has time to react. This actuall happened once to Martin Hollmann during the 400 hours of flying his Sportster. Since he had plenty of time to react, he decreased power to stabilize the oscillations. Also shown is the new Sparrow Hawk which is shown to be stable in pitch. The Bumble Bee is also shown with a 6 sq.ft. horizontal tail.

The Pitch Stability Computer Program is available with the book “Modern Gyroplane Design” for $220 from ADI.