Aircraft Engineering Manual

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The Aircraft Engineering Manual (AEM) is a comprehensive manual compiled from data acquired from the engineering offices and design handbooks of such companies as Convair, Lockheed, Martin Marietta, Westinghouse, FMC and other aerospace standards handbooks. Information presented is normally used on a daily basis by design engineers and shop foremen. Such items as a comprehensive list of AN, MS and other standard part specifications, charts and tables for aluminum and steel, bend radii, cylindrical fits and hole sizes, standard tube sizes and tube buckling equations and much more. All data is bound in a 2.5 inch, handy three ring binder so you can add to or delete from over the existing 320 pages to personalize your book. Following is a summary of information included in AEM:

  1. English to SI conversion. Unit conversions (Btu to watt/meter2).
  2. Engineering abbreviations. Standards for the aerospace industry.
  3. Drafting layout practices for metal and composite parts. Drawing sizes, lines sizes, third and first angle projection.
  4. Summary of material properties and cross hatch.
  5. Metallic material designations, heat treat, strengths and common use. Forgings, castings, cladding, machining, forming, and handling of aluminum and steels.
  6. Metal forming practices such as hydro press forming, casting and extruding.
  7. Drilling. Drill speed and lubricants for various metals. Drill sharpen and countersinking.
  8. Standard hole sizes for bolts and screws. Drill sizes.
  9. Drill depths for drill sizes.
  10. Common UNF and UNC thread sizes.
  11. Thread cutting including drill sizes. Thread dimensions.
  12. Bend radii for various common aluminum heat and non-heat treated alloys for different thickness.
  13. Bend radii for steels.
  14. Hardness of steels versus tensile strength.
  15. Surface roughness, methods of obtaining them and related costs.
  16. Round tube gages, dimensions and properties (cross section area, moment of inertia, radius of gyration, and weights).
  17. Buckling equations for both long and short column steel tubes.
  18. Cylindrical (hole and shaft) fits for loose, free, medium, snug or push, interference fits.
  19. Surface coatings such as anodize and cadmium plating. Shotpeening and shotblast.
  20. UNC and UNF nut torque values.
  21. Standard AN, MS and other parts.
  22. Composite materials such as Epon DPL-862 resin with TETA hardener.
  23. Composite material properties. Test results and design allowables for prepreg U.D. and B.D. graphite/epoxy, Kevlar and fiberglass from ADI. Stress/strain plots for ambient and elevated temperature.
  24. ARDC atmospheric table showing temperature and density versus altitude.
  25. Definition of commonly used aircraft terms.
  26. Book and manual references.