Advanced Aircraft Design


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by Martin Hollmann

Book on how to design tomorrows aircraft using Windows 95/98/2000/XP. This book is a continuation of Modern Aircraft Design, Volume 1 and 2. A more comprehensive center of gravity program that determines the cg in three axis and calculated moments of inertia. A text file is saved from the cg program and is read into the fuselage load program to determine the fuselage loads such as shears and bending moments. Then the fuselage geometry is read in and the stress from shear and bending are determined along the length of the fuselage for different load conditions. No finite element analysis is needed. A V-n diagram program is also presented. The source listing for these programs is given in BASIC for the PC.
Secrets for designing composite structures for pressurization are given and the Lancair IV is used as the example. Finally, methods for providing lightning strike protection are given. Material sources, prices and test facilities are listed. This information is not available anywhere else. Advanced Aircraft Design is intended for all engineers who are interested in design aircraft.

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