Missing Man Flight

On November 14, 2012 six pilots from the Norcal Beech Boys flew a missing man flight in honor of Martin Hollmann in Monterey, California.

Lead – Paul Marshall. Paul’s dad Andrew was a peer of Martin Hollmann. At one time Andrew and Martin had the two best-selling composite structures books available for the aircraft design market place. Paul is a 1500 hour pilot with 420 hours formation time.

2 – Jim Barrilleaux is a former U2 pilot who flew all the way from Cameron Park in the Sierra foothills to fly with us.

3 – Larry Gaines. Larry was the missing man today and is the leader of Bonanzas to Oshkosh, a group of people who fly to Oshkosh each year in their Bonanzas and camp together. Each year it is the largest civilian formation flight in the world, averaging about 100 to 135 planes.

4 – Chris Szarek. Chris is the founder and president of Cygnet Aerospace, a company that makes a wide variety of aviation parts. Chris worked with Martin on different parts that his company makes, and was quite pleased to be able to participate in today’s memorial flight. Chris flew up from Los Osos in the Baron today, a twin engine plane.

5 – John Tate. John Tate is a United Airlines 747 pilot who also works in the airforce reserve. He currently is on assignment at Beale Airforce Base helping them with their international flight operations that are managed in Beale. John flew down with Stan Stewart, another Norcal BeechBoy from the Sacramento area.

6 – Brian Niemi. Brian Niemi works for American Airlines and has a specially souped-up Bonanza with the powerful IO-550B loaded into a very light v-Tail Bonanza – one of the fastest planes in the Norcal Beech Boys