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Tells of in flight aircraft wings coming off. With a little engineering and common sense, these accidents could have been avoided. With these stories in mind, we look at how the FAA certifies aircraft and makes aircraft modifications. Hollmann, a FAA DER, goes through the step by step processes with examples for increasing gross weight of a Cessna 337 by performing landing gear drop tests. How to make a major structural repair on an all composite, certified Cessna LC350 aircraft. Limit load and ultimate load analysis methods are shown. Drawing formats and drafting practices are shown. Noise compliance calculations or flight testing is demonstrated. Reinforcing Seneca 1 landing gear attachments using a landing gear loads program. Fire Resistant testing. Electronic testing for EMI and electronic Loads Analysis. Motor mount stress and fatigue analysis. Continued airworthiness and much more. Showing methods of compliance is especially important to the new Light Sport Aircraft of which over 100 different models have been registered by the FAA in the past 5 years. The unbelievable truth about LSA which the public does not know. World’s first and only book on FAA certification. 110 pages and 75 figures