Modern Aerodynamic Flutter Analysis


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by Martin Hollmann

Updated. Windows and Prop Whirl Mode added!
Aircraft flutter is still one of those problems that takes the lives of a number of aviators every year. Today, with the power of personal computers, PCs, and the use of a powerful and accurate computer program as outlined in the MODERN AERODYNAMIC FLUTTER ANALYSIS, flutter can be accurately predicted on an aircraft before it is flown. This book is the only book which covers the history of flutter analysis up to the present time. The flutter phenomena is explained in layman terms and the process of predicting flutter using a program called Subsonic Flutter Analysis, SAF, is explained.
MODERN AERODYNAMIC FLUTTER ANALYSIS describes the analysis sequence starting with determining mode shapes and eigen values from a finite element analysis, ground vibration survey test, flutter analysis using a doublet-lattice method and, finally, a sensitivity study. Several examples are presented including the wing of the Lancair IV, the Wheeler Express, a sailplane wing, a jet fighter and the Stallion. Although the theory of the doublet-lattice procedure, modal interpolation, generalized aerodynamic force interpolation and vibration analysis is reviewed, the actual application of solving flutter problems is emphasized. Finally, the Federal Aviation Administration’s compliance to flutter prevention is presented.
This book and software program is an absolute must for anyone designing a high performance aircraft or for students interested in modern methods of solving flutter problems.