Gyroplane Flying Is Fun


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with Martin Hollmann (gyroplane designer, builder and pilot)

DVD on how to fly the Sportster and Bumble Bee gyroplanes. Video shows basics of flying the gyroplane. The Sportster is the world’s first two place, homebuilt gyroplane designed for teaching gyroplane flying. Over 65 Sportsters have been built and many hundreds of people have learned to fly in the Sportster. The Bumble Bee is the world’s first ultralight gyroplane and about 12 have been built. To date, no one has ever been injured in these aircraft. Hollmann states that gyroplane flying is one of the safest and most fun types of flying. However, you must know how to fly them. It is especially important to avoid porpoising and negative gs which have given the gyroplane a bad accident record. This video explains porpoising and negative gs and how to avoid them. A must for all gyro pilots. 30 minutes.