Modern Helicopter Design


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by Dr. Eric Hollmann and M. Hollmann

Brand new book describes how to design helicopters, gyroplanes and compound helicopters such as the XH-51A and the Rotordyne. Many basic computer programs that run under Windows 95/98 such as:
HPERF.BAS for helicopter performance in forward flight and hover.
ROTOR.BAS used for rotor blade dynamics, flapping, bending moments, airloads, rotor tilt, blade pitch for any azimuth in hover and forward flight.
CHDYNAM.BAS stability program for compound helicopters and helicopters.
Plot programs for airfoils: NACA 8-H-12, NACA23012, RXM13Gyro, Eppler E 361, NACA0012, RXM Stopped Rotor.
PPLOT1.BAS calculates airfoil structural properties for Clark Y airfoil of any thickness.
ARTROTOR.BAS determine the bending moments, deflection, centrifugal force of an articulated blade in hover.
RIGROTOR.BAS bending moments, deflections, CF for rigid blades in hover. Uses finite difference method.
PPERF.BAS rotor/prop performance program developed by Peter Talbot at NASA.
GYROPERF.BAS gyroplane performance for power required and power available plots.
JUMPSTRT.BAS jump start performance for gyroplanes using a prespin system for the rotor.

These engineering tools are a must for any rotorcraft designer. For Windows 95/98/2000/XP.