Boogie With A Turboprop


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by Martin Hollmann

Revised and back in print!

How-to installing a gas turbine into a composite aircraft such as the Stallion, Lancair IV, Glasair. Now you can buy a Walter or PT6A for as little as $120,000. This book tells how to predict aircraft performance and stability, and how to install a Walter M 601 E, a PT6A-27, or an Allison 250-B17F turboprop engine into your aircraft. Make the decision; is a gas turbine engine what I want? Look at speed, range and costs. The book tells how the author helped design the PT6A engine installation in a Lancair IV in 1994. This aircraft was first flown by Dave Morss and Ty Ross in March 1999. With 680 shp and the low drag of a composite, retractable gear, this airplane is a rocket!
The listing of two computer programs in Basic for Windows 95/98/2000/XP are included. One program is a stability program necessary to size the tail feathers. This is very necessary because the large gas turbine engine stretches the nose of most aircraft forward.
The last chapter titled “The Beginning” tells you about the first successful gas turbine engines. Meet Herbert Wagner who is considered the “Father of the Axial Gas Turbine and Turboprop Engine.” A must read for anyone interested in the future of general aviation and high speed aircraft. So let’s Boogie.