How To Build Composite Aircraft


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by Martin Hollmann

New book on how to use composite materials in building the new generation of kit aircraft and how to build your own composite design using low cost tooling. This is the first book which tells you the secrets of how to build composite aircraft such as the Lancair IV, the Stallion, the Glasair, the Nova and others. This book is about 10 years over due but it is better late than never. How to Build Composite Aircraft gives you building tips that have never been printed. You will learn how to assemble kit aircraft made out of graphite/epoxy such as the Lancair IV and Stallion and how to build plugs and molds for these type of aircraft and where to buy the materials at low cost. Once the molds are built, you will learn how to vacuum bag parts using prepreg materials. The author is building the Stallion and the assembly of this aircraft is used as an example. Many photos are used to explain how to do it.
You will also learn how to build your own aircraft design out of composite materials using a low cost method for shaping fuselage and wing parts out of Last-A-Foam and the wet layup method to build sandwich structures. The Nova is used as an example for this fabrication method.
A complete list of suppliers for all materials is provided. Learn how to interpret blue prints for composite parts. Resin shear test results are included to let you know which resins are best for your specific needs. Many safety tips and how to protect yourself against allergic reactions to resins and hardeners.
Many pictures and drawings are provided with the Lancair IV, Stallion, and Nova as examples. This book is a must for anyone who wants to build or is building a composite aircraft.